The Commandments Of The National Socialist Party 

  1. The Leader is always right!
  2. Never offend against discipline!
  3. Never waste your time in idle gossip or in complacent criticism, but lend a hand and work!
  4. Be proud, but not conceited!
  5. Let the Party Program be your dogma; it demands your utmost commitment to the Movement!
  6. You are a representative of the Party; let your behaviour and appearance by determined accordingly!
  7. Let loyalty and selflessness be your highest precepts!
  8. Be a loyal comrade; you are then a true Socialist!
  9. Treat your fellow citizens as you would be treated!
  10. In battle, be tough and silent!
  11. Courage is not the same as brutality!
  12. What is useful to the Movement, and thus to Germany, your country, is right!

        All those who think and act comfortably with these Commandments are champions in the truest sense of the word of the ideal of the new Ger